Monday, April 16, 2012

my "bees-wax"

so i'm starting my new nanny job officially this week. I will be here all week with the girls' aunt, who has been they're nanny since birth, to kind of get the hang of things before I take over for good. and honestly....."tia", what the girls call their aunt, is gonna drive me crazy!!!! first off this morning, i was lectured by her concerning the decision to move to hot springs and what brought me here. "You shouldn't be changing your whole life for some guy" (so says the 32 year old single woman). I was very irritated at the fact that she was saying it wasn't "wise" or a "good idea" to make changes like that for anyone but you. I simply explained that I was making the change from LR to HS for me! That i chose to because i wanted to be here. I wanted to tell her to "butt outta my business, this is none of your bees-wax!" After a rolling of the eyes and a "whatever", the topic of the conversation changed to the girls. She talks as though she's tough on them and doesn't let them get away with throwing fits but in reality....lets the two year old plop on the ground and kick and scream without doing anything. Needless to say, this is going to be a long week. Lord willing, after "tia" is gone the girls and i will get into a rhythm of our own and make things work a little more smoothly than they seem to be going right now! :P  anyways, just be praying that i won't loose my head on "tia" while she's still here and that i'll be able to do things her way til its just me and the girls!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

a nanny

I started my new nanny job last night! it was WONDERFUL!!!! I love love love my girl! 8 months and 2 years old! they're sooo much fun and absolutely adorable! I'm looking forward to starting this next week up and getting to go on my full time! :)

on another note, my one year anniversary with Roy is coming up and I have NO idea what to get him! He's been awesome and wonderful to me this past year! he's stuck through some hard frustrating times with me and has been a trooper! so i'd like to get him something special, but also something he'll use (since he tends to be more practical than emotional, romantic)! :) so if you've got an idea....just let me know!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter weekend!

So this weekend is Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ! It is amazing to think that what started as a pure celebration of that has turned into all it has become today with baskets, toys, candy, bunnies, eggs, chickens, etc! Its crazy! I was in walmart the other day, and literally isles and isles of baskets with so much crap that is unneeded and has become and expectation of every kid in the US! Its become just sad! Remember this weekend while you are with family and loved ones that this is a celebration of our Redeemer who has risen to save us!


Monday, April 2, 2012

til death - not so til death anymore

i have recently been babysitting for a local family and have been spending alot of time with the girls! today the mom sat me down and kind of explained where they're at...she and her husband of 12 years have been "separated" since last July and this past Tuesday their divorce was finalized. They have two daughters, 9 and 6, that are "taking it well" as mom put it. She explained that they have just "fallen out of love" and are "calling it quits". I just sat listening to a woman describe how she was head over heels in love with her college sweetheart and now that love is just gone. It caused me to think about the fact that our view of "love" has become so skewed as a culture that we think its just a feeling or an emotional thing. But love is something that two people have to consciously make work. its deciding to love that person through the hard times, the annoying little quirks, the sad moments, the good days, the bad days and everything in between...and yet our culture just see it as a "falling in and out of love". No work or effort necessary. Its so hard to watch these little girls have to go through the emotional whims of their parents...anyways...just a little thought...sorry its a little on the sad side!


Monday, March 19, 2012

expensive food

geez! so today i went grocery shopping and omg!!! it was ridiculous! very few groceries, lots of money spent! i bought basic stuff like can goods, potatoes, bread, cereal, milk, etc and it was $80 something! it was so crazy! i was thoroughly depressed when i got done! almost depressed enough to want to start gardening! :P! anyways...just thought i'd rant for a second!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

good fun!

I can't remember enjoying a weekend so much in a while! :) Friday night, Roy and myself joined our friend Joey and his new girl, dinner and putt-putt golfing! It was so much fun! I haven't played putt-putt in FOREVER! and to make it more fun, I WON!! then yesterday was St Patty's Day so we went to the parade downtown and spent the evening watching fun floats, crazy people and a 38 Special concert!!! It made for a wonderful weekend! :) such fun!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

an independent dependent

i'm naturally a very independent person, and yet lately i have been very dependent on a couple of people but one especially! despite all my thankfulness for my sweet boyfriend, Roy, i have had some trouble accepting help from him. I had a huge emotional breakdown this weekend...i have lately been out of the job and therefore he has picked up the slack anywhere from rent, car payment, car insurance, groceries, etc. It has taken it toll on me and caused a very long, emotional fallout! thankfully i have a very emotionally level headed boyfriend who kept his cool while dealing with a sobbing, sniffling, weepy girlfriend! :) needless to say, i have come to realize that i need to be more than just thankful but also accepting of the fact that God puts people in our lives to take care of us when we are unable to do so ourselves!

a very thankful gal,

Monday, March 12, 2012

strange weather

i woke up yesterday morning to gloom and wet and cold, this morning i wake up to bright, dry and warm....really arkansas?!?! is it really necessary to flip back and forth every other day!? my sinuses are KILLING me...and I have yet to be able to pull out on seasons of clothes or the other! my closet is so full its about to bust! lol! one day i'm in shorts and a tank, the next in tights, leggings and a sweater!! Here's a little poem I found that was written by an unknown author:

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!


Sunday, March 11, 2012


today is my little sister, Brittany's, birthday! she's 15 today! its just crazy to me how quickly my little sisters are getting. One is now 13 and the other 15! its so weird having my little sisters in their teen years and getting so much closer to driving and being a "grown up"! lol! I've gotten her a present of a bunch of little goodies and hopefully will have a chance to get it to her sometime soon! just wanted to say, thank God for little sisters!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

a lucky one

lately I've been dealing with listening to a couple friends go through some major issues with their significant others and i have decided that I AM SO LUCKY! they've been dealing with anything from there man not wanting to have anything to do with them or be interested in them to not giving them any air to breathe, or constantly nagging about silly little things to not ever paying them any attention! i am so truly blessed to have a man that pays attention to my needs and wants, that gives me a kiss any time i ask and often when i don't, that holds my hand walking through the store or in the parking lot just because! he's truly a wonderful man! always there when i need him! and yet those time when i just need to be alone...he doesn't give me a hard time or make me feel bad about it! i am so thankful that he's my man!
so those of you that have a good man at your side, don't forget to tell him that you love him and you're grateful for him and all he does!


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